The Place of Retro Lamps in a Room Influenced by the Retro Style

A design style that is becoming more prominent in interior decorating circles in recent years is the retro fashion. The progressive and eclectic looks from the 1950s are merged with the daring funk of the 1970s in a way that is being appreciated all over again. An accessory piece that puts the final exclamation point on a retro bedroom or lounge room, however, is the retro lamp.A retro lamp reflects the diverse fashion styles of the retro era because the lamp stands were made with the new materials of the time like the ceramics and melamine, while the lamp shades were adorned with flashy prints or showy trimmings. In this one piece we see any number of the popular fashion trends from the retro era.Here are a couple of popular, yet glaringly different styles of lamps shades from the retro era.The simple cone lamp was found in virtually every household in the 1950s and 1960s, however it was often the lamps stand that spoke of the owners taste. The cone lamp shade complements any retro influenced design style. Often found in groups of three, these little metal marvels came in a variety of colors and made an appearance in bedrooms everywhere.Another popular light shade that was used either as a lamp shade or as a ceiling light fixture is the glass light shade. The fishbowl-shaped light shade was often seen in amber and featured either a bubbled surface or else a panelled, pumpkin skin-like look. This kind of glass lamp shade gives a room true retro authenticity but does so in an understated manner.These two types of retro lamp shades illustrate the fact that retro fashion can either be bold and edgy, going out of the way to make or statement, or it can be muted and understated hoping simply to not look out of place.

What Are You Saying With Your Back to School Fashion Choices?

Everyone uses dress in different ways to express themselves. We also use words but symbols are also used. Not to mention signals, gestures and especially fashion to show the world who we are. We use our clothing selections to tell everyone what are attitude is for that day. That’s why I find it fascinating to examine back to school fashion selection in various people. The fashion selected often tells us what that person is like and what they will be like all semester.Some never change their fashion choices and wear similar styles each term. This could be not good because it may indicate a lack of personal growth. Which likely indicates very little maturity increase has occurred over the past year. It could really be a bad sign if there had been no change in fashion over the last 5 years. Talk about seriously immature!On the other hand it could be a good thing in that the person had matured to a point they had identified their personal style and were comfortable with it. This back to school fashion shows that the person is totally at ease and in no hurry to change for others approval. Another possibility is that the person is trying to relive a happy past year of experiences. Many people use back to school time to break out of the past and declare themselves with a totally new look. Of course this has pros and cons with it as well. The pros being the person has experienced a real change for the better in their life and wants to share it with others. This person could have reached a new maturity level in their life and is ready to tackle a new set of challenges. They are using their new fashion style to say to the world, “get ready here I come”.Of course a big fashion change could indicate a negative change too. This person could have had a terrible event take place in their personal life that shook them to the core. This event, or series of events could be a non-verbal announcement that they are not the same person as they were last year. Good or bad a change in back to school fashion almost always indicates a change in the person of some kind has taken place.Then there are the students who just want to fit in with the most popular styles. Positive side of this fashion choice is that they seek social approval and want to be part of the group. It indicates friends are important as is being active and social within the group. Negative side of this fashion choice is it could mean they don’t have a lot of personal initiative. They may not want to take the time to develop their own style or maybe don’t have the confidence to do it. It’s easy to follow the crowd because you don’t have to figure out who you really are.Now you know fashion is not just a simple thing. Many different things can determined by what you do with your hair, your clothes, in short your overall appearance.

Maternity Wear – New Fashions For Modern Moms

So you have discovered that you are pregnant! Like every other woman, your thoughts fly to appearance! ?How am I going to stay comfortable as well as look good in my maternity wear during my period of pregnancy?True, both are important factors for consideration! But comfort has to take precedence over style in this case. The maternity wear purchased has to be loose fitting and comfortable since the abdomen is going to enlarge in size over the coming months. At the same time, the clothes should not be so loose that they seem to hang on your frame or keep falling off!Maternity clothes are easily available at local shops as well as on online stores. Still, if you feel that deciding all by yourself is going to be a difficult task, ask a friend to help you choose styles that will look good on you and also suit your size. A second opinion always comes in handy!Shopping for maternity wear can become quite an adventure, since there are clothes to suit all tastes. The range is vast?extremely simplistic dresses, casual wear for women who stay at home, tailored suits for working professionals, and the ultimate in fashion! Just ask for whatever you want and you will get it!The advent of the Internet has made shopping for maternity wear a pleasure, since everything can be located from the comfort of your own home. Information about quality, fashions, and prices are easily available. All that you have to do is decide the patterns and colors that you want and place an order.To make it even easier for you, here are some well-known names to look out for?Japanese Weekend, Nicole M. Maternity, and It?s a Miracle. They represent the best fashion designers where maternity wear is concerned, since they have a good understanding of what a mother-to-be requires during the different stages of pregnancy as her shape keeps changing. And if you wish to make a fashion statement with your swimwear, just visit Mamma Pavlova!Putting out a display of fashionable maternity wear is the online company called Maternity Clothing Fashions. The clothes are meant for all sizes?petite, medium and large. Even swimsuits, special lingerie for the pregnant woman and evening wear can be found here. In fact, the company takes it as a challenge to be able to come up with maternity clothes in the latest fashionable styles!With so many companies coming out with stylish maternity wear, can brand names be left far behind? One of them is Gap Maternity. Their options include?embroidered cargo pants, modern flare pants, knotted tunics, knit skirts, roll panel pocket jeans, empire waist tops, twill cargo skirts and boat neck T-shirts. Not content with these, they also offer what is known as ?active wear? for those pregnant women who go to work and travel a lot.