What Are You Saying With Your Back to School Fashion Choices?

Everyone uses dress in different ways to express themselves. We also use words but symbols are also used. Not to mention signals, gestures and especially fashion to show the world who we are. We use our clothing selections to tell everyone what are attitude is for that day. That’s why I find it fascinating to examine back to school fashion selection in various people. The fashion selected often tells us what that person is like and what they will be like all semester.Some never change their fashion choices and wear similar styles each term. This could be not good because it may indicate a lack of personal growth. Which likely indicates very little maturity increase has occurred over the past year. It could really be a bad sign if there had been no change in fashion over the last 5 years. Talk about seriously immature!On the other hand it could be a good thing in that the person had matured to a point they had identified their personal style and were comfortable with it. This back to school fashion shows that the person is totally at ease and in no hurry to change for others approval. Another possibility is that the person is trying to relive a happy past year of experiences. Many people use back to school time to break out of the past and declare themselves with a totally new look. Of course this has pros and cons with it as well. The pros being the person has experienced a real change for the better in their life and wants to share it with others. This person could have reached a new maturity level in their life and is ready to tackle a new set of challenges. They are using their new fashion style to say to the world, “get ready here I come”.Of course a big fashion change could indicate a negative change too. This person could have had a terrible event take place in their personal life that shook them to the core. This event, or series of events could be a non-verbal announcement that they are not the same person as they were last year. Good or bad a change in back to school fashion almost always indicates a change in the person of some kind has taken place.Then there are the students who just want to fit in with the most popular styles. Positive side of this fashion choice is that they seek social approval and want to be part of the group. It indicates friends are important as is being active and social within the group. Negative side of this fashion choice is it could mean they don’t have a lot of personal initiative. They may not want to take the time to develop their own style or maybe don’t have the confidence to do it. It’s easy to follow the crowd because you don’t have to figure out who you really are.Now you know fashion is not just a simple thing. Many different things can determined by what you do with your hair, your clothes, in short your overall appearance.