The Place of Retro Lamps in a Room Influenced by the Retro Style

A design style that is becoming more prominent in interior decorating circles in recent years is the retro fashion. The progressive and eclectic looks from the 1950s are merged with the daring funk of the 1970s in a way that is being appreciated all over again. An accessory piece that puts the final exclamation point on a retro bedroom or lounge room, however, is the retro lamp.A retro lamp reflects the diverse fashion styles of the retro era because the lamp stands were made with the new materials of the time like the ceramics and melamine, while the lamp shades were adorned with flashy prints or showy trimmings. In this one piece we see any number of the popular fashion trends from the retro era.Here are a couple of popular, yet glaringly different styles of lamps shades from the retro era.The simple cone lamp was found in virtually every household in the 1950s and 1960s, however it was often the lamps stand that spoke of the owners taste. The cone lamp shade complements any retro influenced design style. Often found in groups of three, these little metal marvels came in a variety of colors and made an appearance in bedrooms everywhere.Another popular light shade that was used either as a lamp shade or as a ceiling light fixture is the glass light shade. The fishbowl-shaped light shade was often seen in amber and featured either a bubbled surface or else a panelled, pumpkin skin-like look. This kind of glass lamp shade gives a room true retro authenticity but does so in an understated manner.These two types of retro lamp shades illustrate the fact that retro fashion can either be bold and edgy, going out of the way to make or statement, or it can be muted and understated hoping simply to not look out of place.