Valet & Watch Boxes – A Mans Perspective

I am one of those men that enjoys jewelry because I want to look good. After all, I am executive for a large company and I am in front of people all the time. It is important that I look good and feel good so that I can put my best foot forward in representing my company at all times. As a result, I have many watches, rings, a few necklaces, company pins, cufflinks, money clips and tie clips that I use regularly.The other day my wife opened the top drawer of my dresser and shrieked in horror. There in my top drawer floating around was all of my jewelry; mixed, mingled and tangled together. She immediately yelled at me (in a nice way) and stated that I needed a jewelry box to organize and protect all of my jewelry. I immediately rebuffed her thought and stated that there was no way I was going to get a jewelry box. After all, jewelry boxes are for women, right!A few months later when my birthday arrived, what do you think she got me? Yes, a jewelry box, or for proper reference a “valet box”. I was correct in assuming that jewelry boxes were for women. Valet boxes on the other hand are what men use. In addition to a valet box, my wife also purchased a watch box since I have a rather extensive collection of watches. Little did I know at the time, but the watch box also had an automatic winder for the manual watches that I inherited from my father.Still believing that even a valet box made for men was a bit effeminate, I did not immediately begin to use it and it sat on my desk for several weeks. Then one morning when I was getting ready for work I opened my top drawer to get the rings, watch, cuff links and tie clip that I would need for the day and everything was gone. My immediate reaction was panic since I was I in rush, until I realized that my new valet and watch box were sitting on top of my dresser. I had not even noticed that my wife had organized all of my jewelry into the new valet and watch box that she had purchased for my birthday.Several weeks later, after getting used to the idea of using a valet and watch box to properly store my jewelry, I must say that I enjoy them both very much. First, I must admit that they are very classy and add a bit of class and sophistication to my bedroom decor. Both boxes are made of top quality cherry wood with a suede lining and are not effeminate in any way. In fact, they are very simple but yet manly. Second, I must admit that I like the organization that these boxes bring to my life. I used to spend time searching through my drawer each morning looking for matching cuff links, the rings I wanted, etc. Now they are right there, ready for me each morning without any hunting or pecking. Third, I appreciate the fact that my jewelry and watches are now properly protected and no longer floating around and getting scratched and tangled. Fourth, the watch box is phenomenal. All of my manual watches are continually up to date, always wound, and there is no need to fumble around with any of them in the morning to get them setup.Long story short, I now think that my wife is a genius and I am not sure how I ever got along without my valet and watch box. As organized as I am in my business life, you would have thought that I would have done this many years ago. I guess I could not get over the stigmatism of using a Jewelry box. However, now that I know that it is a valet box and not a jewelry box and have experienced the joys of an organized jewelry collection, I no longer have any qualms and would highly recommend a valet or watch box to any man that has jewelry.